Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New beginnings...

My interim contact at a large bank is coming to an end.....

Only three weeks left and then on to the start of something new, FD of an online start up. It feels a bit unreal still. The role is exactly what I would have described as my dream job. A chance to get involved, at a meaningful level, with very promising and ambitious company. One that if things go well could float and really become something to be proud of.

It's a new challenge and I'm so excited about it.

There are lots of things i'd like to write about but I think I'll see where blogging takes me.

There is the new job and the journey I will make with the company, there's the ongoing love of interior design and renovation of an Edwardian house (which has so far nearly finished me off), there's the lights of my life - partner and daughter of three, there's my love of good food and its conflict with my need , now, to lose my baby (ha - she's three!) weight and my new Slimming World membership, there's my love of colour, pretty things, flowers, green stuff, fabrics, sunsets and crochet.